2018 Ronald and Susan Dubin Fellow Artist Talk

JUN. 18, 2018

SANTA FE, NM – Updated 2021 // The summer as the Dubin Artist Fellow was everything and more than I anticipated.

The library on the SAR campus is a gem for any person interested in topics related to Native art. These types of books were not readily available to me in North Carolina (where I lived at the time), so I enjoyed my time in my artist casita reading and absorbing the information. The Dubin Artist Studio is a dream with its size, space, views, and sound system. This studio is tied to many solo reflections while working and listening to music. (More of the small intricacies of my time here can be viewed on my BTS video here.)

When I think of my experience during the artist talk, I see the faces of family and friends in the audience. In the beginning, I felt the presence of those not physically present during my talk. By the end and as the night came to a close, it felt like a monumental goal had been accomplished – I applied to this respected fellowship hoping to be part of the program and then became an SAR Dubin Native Artist Fellow.

Truly, the SAR & the Indian Arts Research Center is great in the way they offer time, space, and peace to grow as an artist.

More info about Nanibaa Beck | 2018 Dubin Fellow

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