Nanibaa for NotAbove Jewelry

DEC. 1, 2013

PHOENIX, AZ – This small sample of necklaces are in dine ‘bizaad (Navajo language) and cut by hand with a small saw blade. Definitely something fun, something unique, and something that speaks to the continuation of Native languages.

hózhó- concept for balance
ahééh- “gratitude”
shí- me/ mine/ my
asdzáán- lady/ woman

Thought I’d share something outside of the work I do with my father (visit to see his work). I’m going to call this creative hustle of mine NotAbove.

The concept for these necklaces stem from thank you cards I began to make in October 2013. The idea grew out of gratitude to my loved ones. So, deciding on a price for the necklaces to sell was an interesting challenge. I knew brass and copper would work well. Other jewelers at Native art markets have sold more brass and copper works in recent years. And many jewelers to use brass or copper when trying a new project. Best of all, it ensures a lower cost for the customer.

Interested? Click this link.

– May 2014 Update: Silver necklaces only.


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